Saturday, November 21, 2009

Proving a Native Westdaler wrong :D

Okay, so, till Weil's, I've never been to Westdale, and so I obviously don't know the layout or anything, all I know is what is within sight from Weil's and the bus stop right in front. Today, Tom and I had to go walk to Koosh, one of the restaurants that orders bread from us, for delivery of 14 loaves of Italian bread. I stand outside Weil's, looking around and waiting for Tom to take the lead because I don't know where the heck I'm going, but I *think* it's down the street to the right
"Don't you know how to get there?"-Tom
"No." -me
"It's right by Pita Pit."
"I don't know where that is."
"You don't? You don't go that way?" (incredulous)
"Um, I don't live around here. I live on the Mountain"
"Oh, well it's that way" *points right*

So we get to Koosh and the lights are out and Tom bangs on the door, and it's in the middle of a long block of connected shops, and he gets angry because they're not open and they're not answering and he goes through this all the time, kicks the door in frustration. Starts complaining that he'll have to walk back to Weil's, call Koosh to open the doors, then walk all the way back.
I ask "Isn't there a back door?"
He replies "No, we always go through this one."
"Then where do they take deliveries?"
"Through this door" *kicks it again*
"That's impractical. What about during rush hour? It'll be too crowded, and it's not very professional"
"Well they don't have any other door!"
"There's always a back door, heading to the kitchen."
"There isn't a back door!"
"Whatever. I'm going to find this non-existent back door"
So I start walking to the corner and turn down, and I see a parking lot like they have at places like this, and he's dragging behind and I turn the corner. And there's people. They shout out "Hello!" and I say "Hey, you're Koosh?"
I turn to Tom and say "I told you there was a back door!"

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