Friday, August 13, 2010

Where Crayons Go

You know how our moms, dads, teachers, friends, neighbours, How-to books always said to draw and look outside the box?

Well guess what.

I'm the outside of the box.

And you only see the lines that trap you in.

The Disguises Make Them Look Like Scenery

We're told so often that the bad people don't always look like bad people, that we forget that sometimes they do.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What The World didn't Offer as Degrees and Diplomas

Let's record ghostly voices on an old tape recorder. Let's tap some phones and stake out some houses. Let's weave a lasso of silver threads for some serious unicorn-hunting. Let's test our handle of G-forces on the tire swings. Let's put on a fashion show with all the cameras and clothes we can find. Let's paint like Picasso all over our walls and floors. Let's smile through and through.

Let's be everything we always wanted to be- all the things that weren't on the list of "You Can Be Anything You Want To Be" given to us by our caregivers.