Friday, December 4, 2009

The Real World Dating

Where to start? Where to start? At the beginning, you say? Well, there's not really a beginning, just a few events. The first event then? Sure, sure.(I decided to split this into two posts, since one event is totally unrelated lol)

So Rae, Sare and I were waiting for our parents to get into the car so we could head off to riding. Rae told us of the blue-contacts boy that keeps asking her out and his newest try at it. Sare commented that it was odd to ask someone out to dinner, to which Rae and I responded with a curious look and the same response; "That's what happens normally, actually."

We meant out of high school, of course. A good difference between high school and the "real world"- "Going out" is different than "Going steady" and one tends to ask for a few dates before one becomes exclusive. Or so we've heard, since we're not yet out of high school (just wait! Nearly half a year!)

So we had a long conversation on this topic.

Today, after having an... interesting time at the bakery, I waited in the bus shelter. I had rushed out of the house this morning unable to find many important things; my coat, my hat (part of the uniform of the bakery), and my Oryx and Crake book. I'd have to do without them (I borrowed one of the spare hats without anyone noticing, though it was a close call). So, in freezing temperatures, I was, well, "As cold as the north pole, heck, I could BE the north pole" (as I told Sare this morning).

Usually I can wait alone, as everyone gets on the bus that comes just before I'm allowed to leave. Today, a guy came in after me and stood at the opposite end of the shelter (by the opening), and he was followed by an older man.

"Excuse me," said the older man. I'm zoned out and so it takes a moment to realize he wants to sit down, and I'm partially blocking the way. Whoops.

"Thank you. Cold, isn't it?" He continues. I smile and nod.

"Very cold." I reply.

The other guy speaks up- college/university student, perhaps. Or maybe a little older. Going the wrong way from the nearest University though, as the Uni bus we're all waiting for (or any of the three other buses that come about, really) are going East, not West.

"Unless you have a coffee, then you're warm."

I smile slightly, I'm facing out, kind of away from both of them though, towards where the bus will be coming in too long of a time. It's always awkward at bus stops when others are around.

"I had a Timmies coffee earlier this morning," says the older man. The conversation dies. After a long bout of silence, the bus is in view, turning off the University street. I do not wish to squeeze past these two fellows, so I wait until the older man decides its time to get up (as the bus is at a red light). When he is gone, I wait a second more for I have no coat and it will still be a good minute before the bus arrives. When I do attempt to leave, the maybe-college/uni-student stops me.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you have a boyfriend?" He asks. This throws me for a loop, though I have a suspicion of what comes next, but that's at the back of my mind and has to go through mid-morning traffic to get to the front.

"Um... no." I reply.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time," he asks me. Again, I pause because I don't know what to say. I'm shocked. Many thoughts are colliding- "Oh my gosh, this is a strange coincidence D:", "Imagine if I did! I wonder how my parents would react if they ever found out", "Is this seriously happening?", "He seems kind of older. Does he realize I'm only a Senior in high school?", "Ah! My bus is coming!"

So, naturally, I say "no, thank you." and leave. Oh, smooth me. I get on the bus, and he stays in the shelter. I'm wondering if I'm regretting saying no, but I'm pretty good at talking myself out of things like this.

And the responses of incredulous and surprised "Really? You're kidding right? You?" and "Seriously???" from my friends (namely Rae and Sare) go even further to convince me that I made the right choice.

But it made my day. So, guys who are wondering about asking a girl out at a bus stop, you might want to think about introducing yourself (I never even got his name!), but I'm sure that even if you're rejected, you made someone's day. And that tends to be my motivation for many things I do, so that's good.

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