Friday, December 4, 2009

Falling, Falling... Ground.

I fell off a horse last night. Jake (or as I call him, Bun-Bun [do not ask why]). He's a meanie, but still a good horse. I was bareback riding him, trotting, and lost my balance after getting too confident (I seriously thought I was doing good). Right in front of my mom too.

Apparently I pitched forward and grabbed onto Jake's neck, then slid off onto the ground. Jake is a good boy, and I can prove this as he stopped immediately when I fell (or before, as Sare thinks that it was him slowing down when I lost my balance that helped me fall).

He didn't trample me, which was great, honestly. And I was still holding onto his reins so I'm sure if he kept going, I'd have dragged along. When I was on the floor of the arena, I barely knew what happened. I can see the picture above happening to me.

Got right back on him though, which probably scared my mom even more.

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